Kings College University African-Caribbean Society

Black Heroes Foundation Chair spoke on Tuesday 2nd October 2018, at Kings College University (KCL) African-Caribbean Society (ACS).

Let's Talk Black African-Caribbean SocietyTheme: Talk B(l)ack and what blackness means to you.

African-Caribbean Society. KCL ACS
Exeter University Students’s; Guild (BIPOC Society) 30 October 2020

How to Find Success as BIPOC in the Real World

Host: Bethan Neil (Secretary) and Tobi Olubodun(Treasurer)
Guest: Black Heroes Foundation Chair, Joyce Fraser
A zoom workshop for Exeter University’s BIPOC Society, covering issues of Equality,
Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and gaining employment as young Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity (BAME) graduates, the following topics were explored:

How to deal with hostility from interviewers, Being the only BIPOC in the room and Employers that work to actively include BIPOC.

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