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Black History Month in the UK is during the month of October. For the whole of October activities are organised to celebrate important people and events in the history of people of the African diaspora. It was first celebrated in the UK in 1987. The Greater London Council (GLC) were instrumental in its first celebrations held at London County Hall. This year, 1987 marked 150 years since the emancipation of slaves in the Caribbean, and the centenary of the birth of the great Pan-Africanist Marcus Garvey.

For us at the Black Heroes Foundation every day is Black History Day. We celebrate our heritage 365 days a year. However, it is good to have a month dedicated for celebrations across the nation, and we do hold special events for these annual joyous, ceremonies of remembrance and recognition.

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The Foundation is dependent upon support from the community, businesses and government bodies. Please support this great cause in order to help fulfil Flip Fraser’s dream, and preserve his legacy created from the internationally acclaimed show “Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame”.

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Please donate what you can. Help us to make a difference. To be that bright light in the corner of a dark room, giving diversity a Voice. Every little counts. Thank you.

The Black Heroes Foundation launched in October 2016 at City Hall, London

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The Black Heroes Foundation is an award winning community based charity. Its purpose is EduTainment, with the development and promotion of talent, together with cultural and artistic initiatives in the community focusing on youth, education, training, social up-lifting and personal development programmes. We deliver Black Heroes cultural events in communities across the UK. The stories of Black Lives Matter. Levi Roots at the launch of the Black Heroes Foundation at City Hall, London.

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We need your support, please donate where you can.

Help us to make a difference. To be that bright light in the corner of a dark room, giving diversity a Voice.

Greenwich Black History Month 2019

5-7pm on Tuesday 8 October at the Old Royal Naval College, Room Queen Anne, Park Row, London SE10 9LS.
Launch of the new BAME group for University of Greenwich staff.

This event aimed to raise awareness and foster changes on a number of issues faced by BAME staff.

Our Chair, Joyce Fraser presented a talk aligned to the University’s values (Creativity, Ambitions, Inclusivity, Determination and Excellence). Her talk included the screening of the Black Heroes Documentary ‘The Story of Sam King’, and sharing the story of her late husband

Joyce Fraser-and Chancellor Paul Boateng

Flip Fraser and his iconic show ‘Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame’. Both demonstrating the University’s values. Her talk was followed by Lord Boateng (newly appointed Chancellor of the university) and a Q&A and networking session.

Black History Month 2019 – awarding-winning alumna shares inspirational story. Black Heroes Foundation at University of Greenwich

To celebrate Black History Month, award-winning Greenwich alumna Joyce Fraser shares her story about the inspirational work of a local charity she has founded.…..Read More…


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