The Story of Our Heroes

A new and unexpected chapter in the journey to re-imagine a new theatre show inspired by the legendary Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame.

Our storyteller is inspired by heroes: John Archer, Claudia Jones, Stormzy and Ty as we pass from off to on-line, from live to recorded, with a mono-vlog that lightly traces 100 plus years of Black British political, culture and musical activism in London

The Story of Our Heroes Featured on Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival

WAF2020 In Your Living Room

A Story of our Heroes Introduction

A Story of our Heroes – How did we get here? Stormzy at Glastonbury


A Story of our Heroes – Vlog 101 Politics in Black British History. Standing on the pioneering shoulders of giants.


A story of our Heroes – Vlog 102. Culture, carnival, music, Claudia Jones


A story of Our Heroes – Vlog 103.  Black British Music. Grime, Drill, British Funk, Stormzy, Ty. Dedicated to Benedict Chijioke (Ty)

Story of our heroes Wandswoth Arts Fringe in Your Living Room
A story of our heroes in your living room

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