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12 Waterloo Place, SW1Y 4BE
12 Waterloo Place, St James, London SW1 4BE

The Gallery

22nd June - 27th of July

Black Heroes @ The Gallery Opens Windrush Day, 22 June, closes 27 July. Where: 12 Waterloo Place, St James, London SW1Y 4AU. Off Pall Mall, nearest tube stations Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square. We are delighted at the selection of our Trustee Joyce Fraser as an artist-in-residence, in Westminster’s Voids Activation & Pop-up Project. It is an important step on our journey. Allocated the prestigious building 12 Waterloo Place, the installation is named Black Heroes @ The Gallery.

Opportunity to Engage

We shall use this opportunity to provide a place to engage with a wider audience, test out new ideas and gather new materials for consideration in new productions. Providing a space for participatory, conscious experiences, reflecting Black Heroes Soul Food Café in a Windrush Living Room: A celebration of our heroes, our life and our times.

Black Heroes @ The Gallery will House:


Artist at Work

  • Rehearsals for the new play The Story of John Archer for Wandsworth Arts Fringe festival
  • Picture framing of African Art
  • Mary Martin of London Fashion and Costume Artist – Live Free Hand Cutting Workshops

Events and Activities

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What we do

The Black Heroes Foundation brings joy, confidence and pride by using the Arts to tell the stories of Black Heroes to enlighten, educate and empower people. Sharing knowledge and experiences about Black History, the Windrush Generation, moving away from Lockdown and COVID-19.  Showing and sharing the contributions Black people have made to humanity.

Promoting a world where Black Heroes are acknowledged, recognised and celebrated.

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Help us to make a difference. To be that bright light in the corner of a dark room, giving diversity a Voice.

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