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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The Black Heroes Foundation’s vision is a world where Black Heroes are acknowledged, respected and celebrated. We bring joy using the Arts to engage, educate and develop inclusive, productive and diverse teams.

We work with organisations including schools, universities adn libraries in developing and implementing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) programs, doing so using innovative, engaging and empowering approaches, which meets the organisation’s needs.

Please contact Joyce Fraser FRSA, FCIDP, MBA(Henley) for further details.

Our Plan

The Black Heroes Foundation stimulates, motivates and inspires our community. We promote pride through cultural awareness, education and entertainment. Our aim is to eradicate ignorance of Black Heritage and to encourage better understanding and further enhance our multi-cultural society. We have a strong strategy and set of values. We use the Arts to tell our stories, educating, celebrating and empowering our audiences. #BlackLivesMatter

Our Programs


Schools and Libraries

Southwark Schools Screenings: Black Heroes Foundation Documentary film ‘The Story of Sam King’ The Black Heroes Foundation visited schools in Southwark to screen the documentary film “The Story of Sam King”.

Sam King was a World War 2 Veteran who returned to the UK on the Windrush Empire, and later formed the Windrush Foundation. Sam King was also the first Black Mayor of Southwark.

Before watching the film students had general discussions about Heroes, what made a Hero, and who their Heroes were. After watching the film students then considered Sam’s story and his achievements, and carried various activities reflecting on their learning.

15 Screening of the Black Heroes Foundation documentary film The Story of Sam King at Harris Academy Bermondsey
Screening of the Black Heroes Foundation documentary film The Story of Sam King at Harris Academy Bermondsey.
17 Feedback from some of the students

Feedback from some of the students


Feedback from some of the students after the Screening of the Black Heroes Foundation documentary film The Story of Sam King at Harris Academy Bermondsey.


The Story of John Archer

Part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe - WAF'23 Going Places, during Windrush 75 celebrations. This year Black Heroes Foundation put on a series of Library workshops for local school children. The children were the true creatives producing their interpretations of their learning about John Archer London’s first Black Mayor of Battersea in 1913. Expressed through drawing, writing news articles, writing and delivering mayoral inaugural speeches.

the Story of John Archer - Wandsworth Schools

An Exhibition of Children’s School Work

The Black Heroes Foundation launched in October 2016 at City Hall, London

Black Heroes Foundation

Award Winning

The Black Heroes Foundation is an award winning community based charity. Its purpose is EduTainment, with the development and promotion of talent, together with cultural and artistic initiatives in the community focusing on youth, education, training, social up-lifting and personal development programmes. We deliver Black Heroes cultural events in communities across the UK. The stories of Black Lives Matter. Levi Roots at the launch of the Black Heroes Foundation at City Hall, London.

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Recent Educational Events

Black Heroes Foundation recent events in schools and universities


We deliver special events at your premises or digitally as required. It can be an interactive event telling the stories of, and celebrating Black Heroes. This can be from the screening of one of our films, performance of a play, through to delivery of speeches and workshops. We help schools, universities,and corporate organisations to engage with diversity.

Your Support

The Foundation is dependent upon support from the community, businesses and government bodies. Please support this great cause in order to help fulfil Flip Fraser’s dream, and preserve his legacy created from the internationally acclaimed show “Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame”.

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