Windrush Day

Windrush Day Celebrations at the Soul Food Café, 22nd June 2018

Leilani Restaurantand Ashanti Lounge Bar

Windrush and the Deep Level Shelter

An impromptu visit was made to the Clapham South Deep Level Shelter by Kofi, who spoke to Joyce about her feelings as she visited the site and took photos. The place where many arrivals on the Windrush Empire ship were given shelter, deep underground of Clapham Common.
A brief presentation about how the Clapham Common Deep Level Air Raid Shelters were used as homes for the early Windrush Settlers. Photos of the site during 2018 taken by #KofiThe​ Singer

Windrush Grip and Passport!

14 Windrush Stories - Grip and Passport
Windrush Stories – Grip and Passport




16 Windrush Stories - Pops Grip Passport
Windrush Stories – Pops Grip Passport

It was a wonderful evening of celebrations, rounded off when Pops proudly brought out his ‘Gip’ and original passport that he arrived in the UK with, and started to tell us his stories about his arrival in the UK. Everyone was queuing up to hold his ‘grip’. It brought back so many memories.

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