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About Freddie Morision

Born in Clapham, London SW4. Freddie was 1 of 7 children in a close-knit community in Battersea where he lived with his Mother and Grandmother. 

His career spanned across a range of jobs but Youth Work was where he found his true vocation. In his spare time his love of music drew him to the music industry, where he grew a reputation and fame as “FatFreddieM”. 

Freddie is married and has 2 grown-up children and held a school Governors role. Freddie has many black heroes; from school teachers to Youth Work Mentors and some famous heroes who he has met like Stevie Wonder and Witney Houston. 

He continues to contribute to the community by talking to young kids about the importance of education.

Scroll down the page to see several YouTube interviews and a recording of his interview on Soundcloud.

Freddie Morrison born in Clapham




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