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About Noel McKoy

Noel McKoy was born in Clapham, London.

Noel lived with his Aunt Winnie who came over in the 1940s and then later sent for the whole family to come over. They then moved to Battersea in 1968, and Noel experienced a lot of racism early on in his new school.

The family had a history of music and his Mum and Aunt were both singers. Noel got involved in music early on and formed a school band, called “The Albions”. Noel put on many events in his teen years which also involved a dance group that evolved into “The Pasadenas” who had a UK Top Ten Hit with “TRIBUTE2 (RIGHT ON) which got to No.5 in the UK charts and performed on Top of The Pops. Afterwards Noel continued to tour and perform in backing bands and was involved with many recording artists. He has worked in many recording studios and also directed videos,  McKoy-Family.

Noel is a British-based soul music singer. His music is a collection of soul, gospel, funk, and Northern soul.

And he also currently owns the Dutch Pot.

Scroll down the page to see several YouTube interviews and a recording of his interview on Soundcloud.

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Noel McKoy



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